What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves taking pictures of products for commercial use.
Product photography is intended to portray an object in an attractive or interesting manner. The resulting image may be used in a catalog, brochure or in a website. Anytime you open up an advertisement, such as a weekly ad from your local grocer, or visit a website, social media etc… you will see examples of product photography.


Advantages of product photography for business

Gets your customers in the mood for buying

You can’t take your customers to the mountain and show them how comfortable your hiking boots are. However, having a picture of an actor/model smiling while wearing your boots in the mountain or a picture of the inner seam will go a long way in getting your products sold.
All you need is to plant a seed that your products are the solutions to problems your customers may have. Just with a simple imagine.

Comunicate without saying a word

Images speak louder than words. People skimming through various online platforms have limited time and patience to actually read all the text or product descriptions. So why not tell them what you want them to know with the right images?

Build your Brand

Putting up branded product images consistently over months, can communicate your brand as: Professional, Valued, Quality, Diverse and Innovative
It helps your customers believe that your brand really cares for their preferences and that it is humble enough to cater to them all.
In the short-term, taking high quality photos of your products may seem like an expense when in reality it’s an investment.
A picture is not a short-term plan but a long-term solution to get your company recognised as a market leader.

Keeps Competitors Away

You might feel your product is 100% unique, but it is not a 100% true fact. There are millions of products globally, that might have the same features as yours does.

The cheat here is to talk with your images. Show that your products are way more attuned to detail and better than your competitors’, by using high quality product images, don’t simply use amateur images taken with your smartphone.

Professional photographs are easily identified by their quality, lighting and clarity. A grainy photo tells you someone was in a hurry.

The right images increase sales and limit droduct returns

In an online store you need to convince someone to buy an item they can’t feel or test. Posting multiple images provides enough proof of a product’s worth. Each close up gives a browser a little more faith that the product will live up to his or her expectations. Enough trust in your product will likely turn into a sale.
It’s impossible to avoilding people who purchase impulsively because they know they can return it if they aren’t happy. This may result in expenses on your side so you need to counteract this. Increasing the number of product photographs can minimise this number of returns because people will immediately see whether the items match their expectations.
Your images serve as online salesmen if you do it right.

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