Drones have propelled the art of photography and videography to fantastic new heights and expanded the possibilities for photographers and videographers!

What is a Drone?

RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), commonly known as a drone, refers to an aircraft that flies without a crew and performs its functions remotely. A RPAS is a reusable, unmanned vehicle capable of autonomously maintaining a controlled and sustained flight level and is powered by an explosion, electric or jet engine.


What are Drones for?

Drones have great potential in very diverse areas, since they can move quickly over uneven or rugged terrain and overcome any type of obstacle, offering images or capturing other types of data from a bird’s eye view, thanks to the devices it can carry (cameras , sensors …) without risks for people. an example. 

Drone Photography Tenuta Pianirossi

Tourism promotion and events

Agriculture and Forestry


Real Estate

Why Should I consider using a drone?


Drone use means being able to fly into areas that were not possible before. They can fly from only a few centimeters off the ground to over 300 hundred feet in the air. All the while in one long continuous shot, panning and framing a chosen “subject”


The drone team is small, usually only involves the pilot, and a camera operator. So, this means that once arriving on site, we can be up and running in about 5 minutes. Even if the weather goes against us we can land the drone and wait for the next window of opportunity, no matter if it is a small window, the drone can be launched and the shot can be got. These are simply some things a manned aircraft can never do.


Utilize the photos from your drone photoshoot to include in your digital marketing materials, from your website gallery to social media and more. No matter what your business does or where you’re located, this is a great way to add stunning visuals that truly complement your marketing and creative efforts.

Why Should I hire a professional drone operator?

Legal and Safe

A drone in any part of the European airspace is regulated by the competent national aerospace entity, whether it is a drone below 300 grams or large drones used for large video productions, all drones are subject to regulations European flights and non-compliance with these laws are penalized with fines ranging from € 60 to € 225,000.

A professional drone operator is constantly updated on changes in regulations and has all the documentation and training required by government entities.


Using a drone does not only mean owning the drone, the drone must be registered in the government database with the registration number and this must be present in the body of the drone. You must have a mandatory civil liability insurance and pay the fees in the case of flying in airspaces that require it. In addition, the drone can only be used by a certified pilot with proper documentation.
All these expenses, very often exceed the price of the drone itself.

Flying Skills

An experience drone operator has been trained to be reliable at any meteorologic circumstance and understand how to deal with the different scenarios. it wouldn’t be first time a friend’s cousin who got a small drone last christmas, dropped the dron on our roof when taking pictures of our solar panels and now we have to change all of them €€€

Art Skills

Turning back to your friend’s cousin, he also got an iphone 12 pro max last christmas, but that doesn’t mean he become a photographer or a filmmaker, keep in mind that the main pourpose of the drone flight is taking photos or videos of yur business, bad content will impact negatively on your business even if you paid a lot for that service.



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