The idea

INNtoscana Born from an idea of the founder, Rafael Montañés Ruiz during his period working at the Tripadvisor offices in Oxford (UK), his frequent trips to Arezzo, a small town in the heart of Tuscany and the daily contact with customers from around the world, made him realized that the 360º experience that he was having, was not the rule, he was quite lucky for being 100% integrated in the Italian society and having the opportunity to meet some rural areas of Tuscany that not even Italians form big cities know.

The name

INNtoscana comes from Two words:
INN : Inns are generally establishments or buildings where travellers can seek lodging, and usually, food and drink. Inns are typically located in the country or along a highway; before the advent of motorized transportation they also provided accommodation for horses.
Tuscany : The area were we are located
This wordplay tries to encapsulate the feeling of travellers crossing this territory while experiencing the deepest taste of Tuscany.


The Project

The original project was bigger than what we could do at that moment and we had to choose some of the ideas to start with.
Now a days, INNtoscana offers media content creation for companies than want to increase their presence and quality in internet, with an international point of view and always with a rebel spark.
We like breaking the rules and showing up with new ideas and crazy projects.

The man behind the idea

Rafael (Rafa), born in a small town in Spain in 1989. In 2012 at the age of 22, with no traveling experience at all and speaking bad English, decided to move for 2 years to London… plans change with the time and the two years in London changed to 9 years abroad including long stays in London, Bournemouth, Oxford, Aachen, Köln, Arezzo and Florence. The broken English changed to fluent plus fluent in Italian and German. He likes Mountainbiking, filmmaking and traveling trough the mountains with his old motorbike that got from a good friend. At his DNA there is a mix between motor oil and wet soil and that’s the reason you will found many often motorsports and wild nature at his works. Salsiccia e Pancetta pizza when ordering for him.


virginia niccolucci

Virginia Niccolucci

Photographer from Florence specialized in family, new-born and lifestyle. Espresso and chocolate cornetto for breakfast please!


Arezzo Crowd Festival

Arezzo Crowd Festival

A project of the Officine Montecristo, based in Tuscany since 2017, it is a multidisciplinary festival with a focus on the theatre under 30.


Chiara Mulas

Chiara Mulas

Graphic designer, illustrator and social media manager based in Florence. White wine with fluffy sheep on the bottle? you’re in!



New Collaborators

Do you like the project and would like to be part of it? Send us your presentation!